Recording Gear

18 channel Protools 7 on an Apple G5.


Rode NT1, NT2, NT5

Shure 57, 58, Beta 57, Brown Bullet

Sennheiser e906, e609

Beyer M88

Joe Meek assorted

Rack Gear:

Ibaneze Vintage Delay

Joe Meek Mic Pre

TC Electronic M350 Delay/Verb

DBX Compression

Headphone amps

Roland Midi

Music Gear

Gretch Black Widow 4 piece Kit Yamaha 4 String Bass

Laney Bass Amp

'Acoustic' Amp head (Classic)

Fender Amp

Fleetwood Acoustic

Electric Piano

Acoustic and Electric Mandolin

Acoustic and Electric Violin


Assorted Percussion

Harps, Whistles and Flutes

Didgeridoo, kazoos and shakers

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