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Deanna - Audio Engineer

Deanna became interested in music and audio in the late 80's working in retail and repair at Yamaha Music in Queensland.

For the next 6 years she cut her teeth mixing bands and working in theatres through-out Queensland as a radio mic technician and general dogs body.

In 2000 she graduated from School of Audio Engineering Perth and went onto work in some of the largest live music venues and theatres in WA.

Following the live music scene to Melbourne, Deanna set up Inkspot Productions, a service based sound company working with 50+ original bands and branching out into location film sound and post production.

Bantam Studios is a lifelong dream realised for Deanna, applying the knowledge learnt at SAE and invaluable assistance from legendary producer and studio designer John Sayers to build a dedicated three room production studio.


Daily studio hire $500

- Qualified Engineer

- 8 hrs

- Extra Hr charged @ $50

Mixdown hire rate- $50 p/h (min 3hrs)

- Includes master CD

- Protools File

Weekend Rate- $1200

- 20 inclusive recording hours

- (fri-sat-sun)

30 sec Advert - Radio or TV sound

-Voice overs

-Music composition

Short Film Postproduction- ask for a quote

Composition- $100 per screen minute

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